The office is housed within Israel’s first, and most famous, tower in the center of Tel Aviv. Before Turman Romano undertook the challenge, the space was boxy, cramped and – frankly – depressing. The design studio set-out to knock down all the walls and liberate the space through a sprawling open plan.

Three open-space work areas, seven private offices and three meeting rooms fall off the huge central recreational area. Fit with an open kitchen, dining area and chilling zone; this centerpiece facilitates a natural flow throughout the entire space. There is a fun room for video games, a giant egg for napping, huge desks for coding, loads of books for inspiration, endless plants for quiet reminders and pictures for pondering.

Due to the secrecy of the company’s operations, the theme was anonymity. Layers of secrecy were materialised via wall-art locked behind enormous metal nets, wooden planks cast over glass dividers, optical illusions, misleading walls, repetitive frames and never-ending tables. The colour black is prominent throughout the whole office, letting employees disappear into the eternal darkness of anonymity.

Characteristic of Turman Romano’s distinct style, which can be seen throughout all their office projects, there is a seamless arrangement of natural materials: wood, concrete, metal and greenery.